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Rainbow Reading

I'm really getting into this rainbow read!

There are a lot of books with red covers so I thought it would be easy to find a good one.

I started about six books before I finally found the one that hit the spot! This thriller really kept me guessing right from the start!

Alex Lake – The Choice

When their children are kidnapped, Matt and Annabelle are afraid to go to the police in case the children are harmed. The kidnapper’s demand for their safe return is to exchange them for Annabelle herself.

And on to orange!

I noticed there are not so many orange covers as red ones. Again, I skimmed/read about six before finding two really good ones.

Ellory Lloyd – People Like Her

I actually found this book hard to read and even harder to put down! I kept expecting something awful to happen! Great characters, right down to the little girl, Coco. And the ending…oh, no!

Jane Rogers – Body Tourists

A sci Fi novel. The idea is to put an old person’s minds into a young body for two weeks. The young person is well paid and the old one has a chance to re- experience youthfulness. Unique and gripping, really fast paced. Again, I couldn’t put it down!

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