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Quiz Answers


1. E


2. X, Q, Z, and J (There might be differences of opinions according to whether you are thinking of the US or UK spelling and also what kind of texts you are thinking of!)


3. Christopher Latham Sholes


4. Go! (Though some argue it is ‘I am’.)


5. The two most common words in English are ‘I’ and ‘you’.


6. The most commonly used adjectives in English are other, new and good.


7. Month, orange, silver, and purple do not rhyme with any other word.


8. There are seven ways to spell the sound ‘ee’ in English. This sentence contains all of them:

‘He believed Caesar could see people seizing the seas’.


9. French





I enjoyed completing the quiz with a group of friends, although we begged to differ on several of the answers, despite internet research!


Thank you, Fenella!


And finally, a book that Fenella recommended. I actually read it in three days! I really enjoyed it.

Sarah Alderson - Out of Control


The two main characters, Liv and Jay are in a police station, for very different reasons, when a gunman bursts in killing anyone who gets in his way. They escape in a stolen police car and begin a race through New York City to find out who and why someone is after them.


It's a YA thriller/romance with fast-paced action and some surprising twists!





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