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Hi there readers and writers,


I'm Trish Moran, a writer of Young Adult fiction. Welcome to my website! Here you can find out about my books, find out about books other people recommend and get to know more about YA writers, too.

Since starting this blog, I have really enjoyed talking to so many different writers and readers.

I love to get the chance to speak to writers ​and readers face to face. Burton library holds several book related events over the year where it’s great to meet up with old and new friends. The Burton Sci-Fi and Fantasy Con is one of my favourites.


Sci-Fi and fantasy books have always been on my reading list since I was a teenager. This was the genre of my first full length novel - Mirror Image. Followed by Altered Image and Perfect Image. The Clones Trilogy.


Shrinking Violet, my first venture into paranormal YA fiction, is available at Solstice Publishing. It is available as ebook and paperback. Read more here

Sage, book one in the Enchanted Series is also available through Solstice Publishing. If you like modern day magic mixed with a touch of medieval magic, take a look here

I'm really pleased that ‘Sophie’, book two in the Enchanted Series is out now, too! Available at Solstice Publishing and on Amazon. More magical adventures! 


At the moment, I’m working on a fantasy/Sci-Fi story and also the third book of of the Enchanted Series which has been running through my mind as I wrote ‘Sophie’. While I concentrate on one book, I have to make notes on the other, so I don’t lose my ideas!

I'd love to hear your views on anything to do with words and books, likes and dislikes, so do get in touch with me!


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