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Today I’m talking to two young teenagers, Bill and Farah, about the kind of books they enjoy reading.


Trish: Welcome to the blog. I know you are both keen readers.


Bill: Yes, I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction books. Some of them I read for school subjects and some I read in my leisure time.


Farah: I love reading, too. My family and friends call me a bookworm!


Trish:  How many books do you read each week?


Bill: About one a week.


Farah: I usually read one a week, two if I have the time. It depends on the length of the book as well.


Trish:  Do you prefer a short book or a longer one?


Farah: I don’t like a book that's too long. It can get a bit confusing if it takes too long to read. I’d probably try a longer book if it’s the holidays and I have more time to read. If it’s a long story, I’d rather have a series of books than one very long one.


Bill:  I quite enjoy a longer book if it really interests me.


Trish:  What kind of books interest you?


Bill: Science Fiction and Fantasy, mainly. I’m always ready to try something new if it sounds interesting.


Trish: I love Science Fiction and Fantasy books, too! Reading and writing them! What kind of books interest you, Farah?


Farah: I enjoy books about young people about my age and the problems they have to face in their everyday lives. But I also like fantasy and magic books for teenagers.


Trish:  A bit of real life and escapism! How do you find new books to read?


Bill:  I belong to the school book club and there are always books recommended by the others in the group and the teacher that runs it. We write book reviews on our monthly newsletter to let other students know what is available in the library and about books we have enjoyed at home. And my friends recommend books they think I would like.


Farah: I belong to our school book club, too. We meet once a fortnight in the school library. I often choose books that the others in the group recommend. Some of us work in the library at lunchtime so we get to see the new books that come in and sometimes we tell the librarian what we’d really like to have. He is really good at suggesting books for us to read, too. The local library has a good teenage book section, so I go there every few weeks. I think there are more books for teenagers nowadays, which is really great.


Bill: I agree there are more books for teenagers, but I’d like to see more books for teenage boys.


Trish: Do you buy books or mainly borrow them?


Farah: I borrow a lot, but I do buy some, mainly on the internet. Quite often I swap books with my friends, too.


Bill: Both, I borrow some and buy some, too and we swap books with each other, too.


Trish: Have you a favourite book or books?


Farah: One of my favourite books is The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll. It’s quite sad. It has a really good twist at the end! I’ve just started Differently Normal by Tammy Robinson. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s a bit sad, too; I seem to be into sad books lately!


Bill: I’m into Fantasy at the moment. I’ve just finished reading The Challenge by Tom Hoyle. I really enjoyed it. The storyline keeps you guessing and it’s really exciting.


Trish: Are there any genres you really don't like?


Farah: I can't read horror stories at all! They keep me awake at night!


Bill: They're just stories! I enjoy a horror story now and again.


Farah: What kind of books do you like to read, Trish?


Trish: Quite a wide variety. I like YA fiction about real life and also Science Fiction and Fantasy. I also read adult fiction. I enjoy cozy mysteries, thrillers and stories with a bit of a twist in them.


Bill: Have you always liked writing, Trish?


Trish: I loved writing stories at school but as an adult, it took me a long time to get around to actually writing a book. Now I’m always collecting ideas and planning stories. What about you two? Do you enjoy writing? Do you see yourselves as future writers?


Farah: English is my favourite lesson. I love writing stories and poems. I’d love to be a writer!


Bill: No, I don’t see myself as a writer, I’m more of a reader.


Trish:  Thank you for talking to us today. Here are some of the books Farah and Bill recommend:





















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