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Hi there,


From this week I’ve started a new phase of my blog – I’m not only interviewing YA readers, I’m interviewing a wider range of readers, starting with my good friend Violet.


So, we’ll hear your opinions on books, Violet, none of which are YA (but don’t forget, you promised to read at least the first book of my YA Sci Fi trilogy!).


Violet: I haven’t forgotten my promise; despite the fact that I have never been tempted by Science Fiction over the last eight-two years, so don’t expect me to go overboard about them! I’ll be honest with you.


Trish:  I wouldn’t expect anything else from you, Violet. Don’t forget, I’ve known you for twenty of those eighty-two years! Tell us a bit about the sort of books you enjoy.


Violet: Many of the books I read are romance novels. I do like a happy ending. I still love the classics: Gone with The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I enjoy watching the films, too.


I tend to go through phases in my reading. I spent a few months reading historical fiction. I really enjoyed Norah Lofts - The Suffolk Trilogy, which describes historical events over several hundred years. It takes you to life in those times through the eyes of her characters. I found it a really interesting way of learning more about history.


I went through a Maeve Binchey phase at one point. My father’s side of the family were of Irish descent, so I enjoyed learning about the Irish way of life. Some of the characters were very similar to three of my father’s sisters! Light a Penny Candle is my favourite of her books.


Agatha Christie mysteries have always been a firm favourite of mine. I can’t imagine how she thought up so many different scenarios!


And I have read a few more modern Cozy Mysteries lately, such as Murder & Mayhem by K.P. Stafford.


Trish:  Well, you certainly have covered a wide variety of books!  


Violet:  Yes, and I’m always on the lookout for something new to read. Something uplifting, preferably with a happy ending and not too violent.


Trish:  Do you like to have a real book in your hand, or do you use a Kindle?


Violet:  I like both really. The Kindle is great when I’m feeling tired – I can make the font bigger. But I do read paperbacks, too. I tend to avoid hardbacks, they’re too heavy to carry around, especially if  I’ve a couple on the go. Kindles are a must for holiday reading. I load up a selection of novels to take with me.


Trish: Thank you, Violet. It has been very interesting hearing about the books you enjoy!


Anyone out there who would like to tell us about their favourite books, please get in touch via my email address. I know I’m always on the lookout for recommendations of something new and exciting to read. And judging from the comments I get, there are many other readers who are interested in hearing about new reading material, too.


Happy reading until the next blog post!


Here are some of Violet’s favourite books.












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