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Hi there,


Already we're halfway into January 2019!


This month I have been talking to two very different kinds of readers, Maisie and Christopher.


First, we have Maisie. I hear you always have a book on the go, Maisie.


Maisie: Yes. I read about one book a month. I like very, very long books that will last me a very, very long time!


Trish:  How do you choose a book?

Maisie: Sometimes I get a book as a present and I find I like that genre, so I look for more books that are similar. Sometimes people recommend a book to me and if I enjoy it, I’ll look for other books by that author. I’ve read a lot of books by David Walliams and I really liked them.


Then my mum suggested I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which is a very different type of book. It’s quite hard, but I really love it. It’s my favourite book at the moment.


Trish: Do you enjoy reading books that have been made into films?


Maisie: Yes. I wish there were more books and films like Harry Potter and the Twilight series. I like a series of books because you can really get into the story then.


Trish: Does the book cover or the size of the font encourage you to read a book?


Maisie: Not much. I just read a bit and see if I like it or not.


Trish: Do you think there are enough books for people of your age, young teenagers?


Maisie: Yes, I think there are lots of books for people of my age to choose from.


Trish: Is there anything that puts you off a book?


Maisie: I don’t like it when there are lots of words I can’t pronounce or I don’t know what they mean. That really annoys me!


Trish: Thank you for telling us about the books you enjoy, Maisie.

             And now we have Christopher, in his early twenties. You don’t really read for pleasure, do you, Christopher?

Christopher: Very rarely these days. I sometimes pick up a book to take on holiday with me to read on the journey. I used to read a monthly sports magazine a few years ago, but I’ve changed my sports interests and I don’t read it now.


I read reference and non-fiction material if I need to or if it interests me. If I’m thinking of a holiday, I quite often read guide books to help me plan my time there.

Trish: You read more when you were younger, didn’t you?

Christopher: Yes, when I was school age, I would choose an action book. The cover picture and the blurb had to suggest lots of violence and fighting.

I think boys generally go for action stories for the thrill and adrenaline rush. But they can separate violence in fiction and the real world, you don’t have to be a violent person to enjoy reading about war and fighting, the same as people who play video games. It’s not real life, it’s fantasy.

Sometimes my Dad recommends a good book. He suggested Spartacus by Ben Kane. I really enjoyed it. It’s exciting and full of action. It’s about the rise of Spartacus from being a slave to eventually leading an army against the Romans.

Trish: Do you think it is important to encourage young people to read?

Christopher: Yes, I do. Reading widens your vocabulary and helps you to learn how to communicate. Even if you don’t grow up to be a keen reader, you will always need these skills in whatever walk of life you choose.

Trish: Thanks to both of you for sharing your ideas today. Here are the books you have enjoyed.

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