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Hi there!


The sun is finally out and making everyone smile.


Well, not everyone!


Today I’m talking to Angela Rantworthy, who has a few grievances to air!


Hello Angela.


Angela:  Hi there Trish and all you blog followers.


Trish: I know you are an avid reader, Angela, but you also have a few issues that you want to talk about today.


Angela:  I certainly do! And as your blog is called Read, Rave, Rant this seemed the perfect place to let off some steam! I have been following your blog and noticed that the Rant part hasn’t really raised its head – unless you count Simon’s views on books, as he's an avid non-reader.


Trish:  Most of the people I talk to enjoy reading. It is good to hear other opinions too, but I must warn you, I’m not going to write up bad reviews on books anyone has read. I think if a book isn’t that good, even though the writer probably put a great deal of effort into its creation, it won’t get very far, anyway. Though having said that, there are many books out there that are really good that haven’t made it onto the best-selling lists – I've read quite a few myself. That’s probably more to do with marketing strategies than the standard of the writing. But, marketing is another area for discussion!


Angela: I agree with you. I’m not going to give titles or authors of some of the books that I feel should never have made it into print. I think if they’re that bad, they’ve probably signed their own death warrant!


First of all, I think we are all aware of the growing number of books out there now. With eBooks and self-publishing, it is so easy to fulfill a personal dream of being a Published Author! Even if the writer isn’t very good at writing.


I recently read a book with a plot that would have made an excellent short story. The writer extended it into a 60 000 word novel that meandered to a close with three or four subplots that had little to do with the main thread. I had to keep on flicking back to find out who was doing what and where before I gave up and skipped to the last page to read that A did, as expected from the first chapter, end up with B and they lived happily ever after.


In another book that disappointed me, the main character, female, set out to solve a murder mystery. The body was found in a ridiculous place and I wasn’t really convinced why the murderer had killed him. The main character was so smug and annoying, airing what I felt were the writer’s own opinions on various subjects, such as education and parenting, which had nothing to do with the story. I was quite disappointed that the murderer didn’t manage to kill her off, too in the final chapter when our perky little heroine decided to confront him in an isolated place. Luckily for her, there just happened to be a handy implement so she was able to knock him unconscious. This time, I did read the book to the end, so I suppose that says something for it, I suppose.


Trish: Oh dear! We can’t all like all the books we read. Maybe someone else really enjoyed these novels? Now, let’s hear a bit about some books that you would recommend.


Angela: Now I've got that off my chest, I’m very happy to share some of the books I have enjoyed reading!


I’m a great fan of realistic Sci-Fi stories. Run Program by Scott Meyer is the story of an AI character that gets out of control, which is a situation that could arise in the near future. The humans responsible for him are led on a worldwide chase trying to contain him as he causes havoc around the world. I found it a bit confusing at times, but I loved the plot and the characters, including Al. I felt quite nervous as I read the last few chapters as I didn’t really know how I wanted it all to end, but the writer gave the perfect ending, for me anyway!


I read Out of Control by Sarah Alderson in two days. It’s a YA thriller with a fast-moving pace that had enough twists to keep it really interesting. I loved the two main characters. They appeared to be complete opposites, but as they travelled together, they found they had a lot more in common than they had both initially thought.


I also really enjoyed The Mother in Law by Sally Hepworth, another thriller but for adults this time. Lucy’s mother in law is a cold and distant person. When she is found dead under suspicious circumstances, many of the family members’ secrets are revealed. It kept me guessing right to the end.


Trish: Well, I’m looking for a new thriller to really grip me at the moment, so I’m going to take a look at the ones you’ve recommended!


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us today, Angela.


Angela: Thank you for listening to me! I have to admit that I do find a much greater per cent of books I enjoy to the number of books that leave me cold! Or, even worse, annoyed! Happy reading everyone!


And here are the books Angela has enjoyed recently.














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