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Betty Being Blunt About Books etc


I love reading! I just love it! I’d rather have a really bad book than no book at all; although I prefer a really good book, of course.

I tend to concentrate on one genre and then move on to another. Mainly fiction. Quite often I’m influenced by the best sellers of the moment, but sometimes I come across a book/author by accident, maybe looking around bookshops, charity shops and the library. I love it when I do that.

I can read sad books when I’m happy and happy books when I’m sad. They don’t change my mood, though they can affect me when I’m actually reading them. I don’t really go for heavy books. I hate books about violence and killing, unless it’s a cozy mystery – then it’s OK.

My bookshelf does have several books that I feel I really should read. I’ve actually started some of them; some several times…

I don’t always own up to reading some very light-hearted romances in front of my more erudite family and friends. Thank goodness for my Kindle and its plain black cover!

I enjoy discussing books with friends, but wouldn’t go so far as to join a book club. I’d hate to be told what I had to read and having to do so within a certain time frame, too.

I keep meaning to try audio books, but haven’t got around to it yet.

I enjoy crossword puzzles, easier ones when I’m lazy and harder ones when I’m feeling more alert – though mainly the former since Lockdown started. I’m hoping my brain will reboot as it eases!

I prefer to read information than watch a video with someone talking about it for most things.

I like to read the local daily newspaper and the occasional national paper. I go for size of paper rather than political opinion of the editor, I’m afraid. I like to have one I can fit on the table, or hold up easily. I used to be really shallow and go for the free DVD or CD, but you don’t get those these days. I hate all those magazines and leaflets they put inside them. How annoying and what a waste of paper!

I used to read magazines, but not so much now. If there’s nothing else to read, I’d go for a woman’s magazine with handy household hints, which I never try out. I hate celebrity magazines. I’m not really bothered about what they get up to.

I check my emails every day. They seem to be mainly rubbish with occasional good ones.

Texts are handy, they give you time to think of a reply, which a phone call doesn’t.

And of course, I take a look to see what is happening on Facebook a few times a day…

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