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An Interview with Rob, Jack, Penny and Lucy.




Hi there,


Welcome to our second interview!


This week I spoke to two boys and two girls, all aged sixteen, about their taste in books.


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions with us, Rob, Jack, Penny and Lucy.



Who shall we begin with?



Rob: Lucy, she’s the real bookworm.



Lucy: I am. I always have been since I was about three and Nan took me to the library every week.



Trish: Do you still enjoy visiting the library?



Lucy: Yes. But I don’t go as much as I used to, I’m afraid. I get a lot of my books online or I download them. I think the library is very important. It worries me when they talk about shutting them down. It’s a great place, especially for young children.



Jack: Yes, it is. My sister takes her kids to the library every week. They choose books and go to one of the story reading sessions. They love it.



Rob: You can use the internet, too. I went there to get my homework done when we moved house and it took nearly a week to get the internet sorted at home.



Trish: Yes, it would be dreadful to lose our libraries. They have so much to offer us all at any age. So back to you, Lucy. How many books do you get through in a week?



Lucy: Usually one if I’ve got a lot of homework, but I can get through two or three in the holidays!



Trish: What kinds of books do you read?



Lucy: Mainly fiction, though I sometimes read a biography of someone I like.



Penny: Yeah, that Little Mix book was good. I borrowed it after you’d finished it. They were just ordinary girls who went on to become famous.



Lucy: Yes, we often exchange books once we’ve read them, don’t we? It’s good to hear what someone else thinks of a book that you like. And to get books recommended by your friends.




Penny: We usually like the same kind of book. In fiction, it’s usually a teenage romance, kids around our age with lives a bit like ours.



Jack: Eeww! I Can’t think of anything worse than reading about soppy teenagers in love!



Lucy: Don’t mock! You can learn things from reading books about kids your own age and how they handle different situations.



Penny: You never know, boys, you could learn how to chat up girls!



Jack: I think I’ll give it a miss!



Trish: What kind of books do you like, Jack?



Jack: Well, at the moment I’m really into books about the first and second World Wars.



Lucy: A bit depressing!



Jack: Not really. War itself is depressing, but you can learn something by reading about them. Hopefully, the more people learn, the less likely they are to make the same mistakes again.



Penny: But people haven’t really learnt anything, have they? There are still wars going on around the world right now.



Rob: Jack’s right. We need to learn about wars to eventually find peace. We can’t just give up.




Lucy: I see your point, but I don’t enjoy books or films about war.



Trish: What do you like to read, Rob?



Rob: I’d like to study Zoology at university later.  I enjoy watching David Attenborough’s TV series and I’ve just started a book based on one of them called Blue Planet Two. It’s really good. It’s easy to read and it‘s got great pictures.



Trish: So, you all like to read books that can make an impact on your own lives or on the world around you, that’s interesting.



Thank you all so much for talking to me today. Here are the books you recommend for others to enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed our second interview. Let me know if you would like to be featured on the blog, or if you have any comments on what you have read here. 


Bye for now,




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