The Clones Trilogy.

Book one and two available now from Accent Press. Book three available from today, 28th March!


Mirror Image 

   He revealed the code tattooed on his arm.
'This is what we are. The mark of an SP - a Spare Part! Though we prefer to call ourselves Labs - that is people created in a laboratory, as opposed to your kind, Non-Labs.
...That's all we are. Spare Parts for Non-Labs. Wealthy ones and their children...'

Altered Image

'...But humans are often far behind other species when it comes to the senses and physical attributes … we are selecting the most highly developed attributes from other living species, (best sight, keenest sense of smell etc) … and transplanting them into our subjects… Just think of the being we can create!’


Perfect Image

‘So the intellectually gifted people…(Labs and Hybrids)… would be the ones to govern the country?’

‘That would make sense, wouldn’t it?’ he replied.

'...No democracy?'

He gave a short laugh, ‘Democracy hasn’t exactly worked so far, has it?’

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