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The Clones Trilogy

Mirror Image 

   He revealed the code tattooed on his arm.
'This is what we are. The mark of an SP - a Spare Part! Though we prefer to call ourselves Labs - that is people created in a laboratory, as opposed to your kind, Non-Labs.
...That's all we are. Spare Parts for Non-Labs. Wealthy ones and their children...'

available here

Altered Image 

'...But humans are often far behind other species when it comes to the senses and physical attributes … we are selecting the most highly developed attributes from other living species, (best sight, keenest sense of smell etc) … and transplanting them into our subjects… Just think of the being we can create!’

available here

Perfect Image 

‘So the intellectually gifted people…(Labs and Hybrids)… would be the ones to govern the country?’

‘That would make sense, wouldn’t it?’ he replied.

'...No democracy?'

He gave a short laugh, ‘Democracy hasn’t exactly worked so far, has it?’

available here

Shrinking Violet

Published with Solstice Publishing, my first venture into YA Paranormal.


As many teenagers know, life can be tough. Violet, Suranna and Charlie are well aware of this fact.

How can Violet learn how to overcome her shyness and speak up for herself?

Will Suranna ever be able to overcome the stigma of her dysfunctional family and achieve her academic goals?

Can Charlie follow his dream and stand up for himself at school and at home?

When three new students make their appearance at the school during the busy autumn term; things start to happen and their lives begin to change. They find themselves caught up in action and drama they never imagined would happen to them.

After an exciting term, the mysterious students disappear. But will the mark they made on these three students live on?

available here

Enchanted Series Book One - Sage

Orphan Sage lives with her grandparents in a quiet country town. She is just sixteen when she discovers she has special powers and that she is a member of the Gifted community of The Valley. With her two best friends, she has fun developing her skills at The Coterie with other young Gifted ones. As she learns to control her powers it soon becomes apparent that she is exceptional and that she is not the only one in her family to possess special Gifts.

Soon Sage learns that her newfound powers are going to be tested to their limits when the daemon Nefarus appears, who is determined to rule both Earth world and the alternative magical world, Aurum.

To defeat the daemon, Sage and her friends must journey to Aurum and seek the help of the sorcerer, Merlin. The race is on to defeat Nefarus and save all those who are dear to them, old friends and new.

available here

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Enchanted Series Book Two - Sophie

Sage and Sophie continue their adventures in the magical world of Aurum, learning more about Mai’s colourful background and helping her to solve the enigma of the mysterious sleepers under the lake.

Meanwhile, back in Earth world, the new Gifted student causes quite a stir at school. And the geeky guy proves himself to be an unlikely hero. As the school bully shows a growing interest in the Gifted members of The Valley, can they keep their magical identity hidden?

With all the excitement of knights and dragons, Sophie finds it difficult to concentrate on life with her Non-Gifted family and friends. As her school life comes to an end, she must make a choice as to where her future lies.

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