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Hi there,


Here’s something a little bit different this time!


Fenella K Walklin put together this quiz for her Year Eight English class. She thought some of you might enjoy trying it out for yourselves.


See how many you can answer correctly - before you resort to Google or the answer page!


 1. Which is the most commonly used letter of the English alphabet?


 2. Which are the four least used letters of the English alphabet?



3. Who invented the QWERTY keyboard?



4. What is the shortest grammatically correct sentence in English?



5. What are the two most common words in English?



6. What are the three the most commonly used adjectives in English?



7. Give four English words that do not have rhyming words.



8. How many different ways are there to spell the sound ‘ee’ in English?



9. From which language are culinary and ballet terms taken? 



10. What was the first language spoken in outer space?



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