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Books from 2023 I've enjoyed

As 2023 draws to a close, I thought about the books I have enjoyed reading over the past year. Here are a few I particularly enjoyed.


Lucy Diamond - An Almost Perfect Holiday 

The story takes place at a group of holiday cottages in Cornwall, with three women dealing with husbands, ex-husbands and new wives and teenage children. And all three think they are the only one getting things wrong! It’s so realistic, although some of the emerging secrets are pretty extreme.


Jessica Fellowes - The Best Friend

If someone had described this book to me, I wouldn’t have wanted to read it, the style – lots of conversation and no speech marks! However, I gave it a go, and soon got into it. I liked the way the chapters were set on the growing age of the two main characters and their changing relationship. I was a little confused over some of the characters towards the end, but it’s definitely worth reading.


Ian Moore - Death and Croissants

A sort of cozy mystery

 Richard is a middle-aged man, sort of heading for divorce from his estranged wife and trying to keep his grown-up daughter happy, too. He likes a quiet life, but an exuberant middle-aged guest soon puts an end to that as they set out to solve the disappearance of one of the guests, who may have been murdered. I felt sorry for Richard even as I chuckled over the situations he finds himself in.


Parini Shroff - The Bandit Queens

Geeta is suspected of killing her husband, who has run off. But, as a lone woman in an Indian village, she finds it easier to let everyone believe this. Only it gets complicated when another woman seeks her help to do away with her own abusive husband! Very funny, although it is rather dark humour.


Yesterday I picked up another book by Lisa Jewell – thirty-nothing. The main characters are two friends in their thirties and wondering where their lives are going. I’m nearly halfway through and I’m really enjoying it. I love the way she describes the scenery and the way her characters are feeling. Very witty!

What books would you recommend from your reading list for 2023?


Happy New Year reading, everyone!






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