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A shout out for our Local Libraries

I love spending time browsing the shelves in our local library!

This month I’m taking a look at some of the library books I have read recently; the ones that really impressed me.

What an amazing book. As is says on the blurb it’s a “collection of little islands of hope”. It’s really uplifting with such down to earth advice for when you’re feeling a bit wobbly! Definitely want to have my own copy.


A thriller with a difference. The first thing that struck me about this book was the style of language, very original. There are so many scattered clues along the way that fall into place towards the end. I love the idea that not all heroes are young and attractive.


Another quirky idea with brilliant characters. It takes place over one weekend in one house.

Henry has ended his marriage to Caroline and run off with his daughter's teacher, Martha. Caroline decides to go after him so her sister, Janice comes to look after the children.

The neighbours drop by to see what is happening. Then Henry, Caroline and Martha arrive back from the airport in separate taxis. Janice can cope with all that.

Until her ex-husband Alec knocks on the door.


A great read for teenagers, but don’t try anything these characters do at home! This is the first book I’ve read with the outlandish Skink.

When his cousin goes on the run to avoid being shipped off to a boarding school, Richard decides to find her, with Skink’s help.

Exciting and very funny!


I found this hard to get into at first, but was glad I persevered. Three grown up sisters try to unravel the mystery of their father’s identity having long ago dismissed their mother’s claims that he was a spy.

Using a box of letters they find in the family home; they decide to seek the truth.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

And any recommendations for my next read are always appreciated!

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