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A Young Writer

How many people have said, ‘I could write a book?’ And how many actually do just that? Well, here’s someone who started thinking about writing at eleven and by fourteen had published his first book!

Anthony Ruggieri, a young writer and actor.

Through the Shadow Forest is his first book, based on a story he wrote at eleven years old. During the Covid lockdown period, he expanded and edited the story and finally published it when he was thirteen.

In this whirlwind adventure, we meet Dan who finds himself in another land after coming across a skateboard. The only way back home is through the Shadow Forest and the dangers it holds. Is Dan up for the challenge?

At the moment, Anthony is working on his second book and hopes to release it in the next few months. It is a chapter book for kids of ten to thirteen.

As well as writing, Anthony has a wide variety of interests including music and art. He loves animals, and works as a volunteer at The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary. Anthony also feels passionate about keeping our planet beautiful and works with others involved with preserving and reforesting areas in Southern California.

You Tube followers may have seen Anthony in his roles in the Dhar Mann short films. He is also a regular on another popular YouTube series, Game Master Series with Rebecca Zamolo as well as appearing in several other films and commercials.

You can find out more about Anthony’s acting at:

Take a look at Anthony’s first book at:

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