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Continuing to Read a Rainbow!

Still continuing over the rainbow…bring on the yellow covers!

I really enjoyed The Assistants by Camille Perri. I liked the main character, Tina Fontana; her observations made me smile. Tina succumbs to temptation at work when she is accidently paid a large expense account by mistake and uses it to pay off her student loan, feeling almost justified as her bosses regularly spend extravagant amounts without a thought. Caught out by another worker, she is asked to do the same for her, too. Then another woman joins them, and things start to escalate… A fun read!

The Blue cover of Yours Truly by Kirsty Greenwood caught my eye. Lighthearted chic lit that really made me laugh. Natalie is hypnotised and can only speak the truth, which causes a great deal of embarrassment and offends lots of people, including her fiancé. In an attempt to salvage her relationship, she sets out to track down the hypnotist to restore her to her old self.

The best Indigo for me was Caroline Bond, the Second Child. Really hard to put down! Love the way it was told from all the different characters points of view. A harrowing start – the family of a disabled daughter discover she is not their birth daughter. They track down their real daughter and then all involved have to find a way to move forward. The ending was a bit of a surprise for me, should it end on that note? Hmm.

Just Violet covers to go now!

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