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Did you get any interesting Christmas (bookish) presents?

A Happy 2022 to everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday with lots of interesting presents!

I’ve been talking to friends about their favourite ‘bookish’ gifts this year.

There were lots of welcome presents of books and book vouchers and several Kindles. But there were a few more unusual ones, too.

Mine was definitely The Female Writers mug. I’ve read or heard of many of the books and writers it features but quite a few were new to me. I was also surprised to learn that Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by a female author.

A writer friend of mine was delighted when his daughter gave him a calligraphy set. I wonder if his next novel will be beautifully handwritten?

Hand-made Harry Potter scrunchies were a great hit for HP fans.

A framed Marvel poster went down well.

An Agatha Christie fan is looking forward to a Mystery Whodunnit Evening in February.

Jake and Vera have recently moved into a new flat. Jake was keen on getting a bookshelf set up so he could unpack his books. Vera decided an ordinary bookshelf wasn’t quite what she had in mind, so her Christmas present to him was a selection of wooden crates. ‘We haven’t quite decided on how to set them up yet though we’ve tried several different ways,’ Jake told me.

One present was particularly thoughtful. A friend told me that her neighbour gave her a local newspaper subscription for three months as she was housebound recovering from an operation. He also returns her library books and picks up some new ones every week. She has only one complaint about him – he always manages to finish the daily crossword! She rarely can!

Another of my favourite presents, a previous birthday present, to be honest. Socks, featuring my very own books! How cool is that?

There were some great ideas here. I might use some of them for birthday present ideas this year.

Have you been given any interesting, unusual bookish presents over the years?

Happy reading to everyone for 2022!

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