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Hi there everyone,

Today, I'm talking to Scott Stephens, author of Blast Force - Genesis, a novel that will appeal to a wide age range.

So, tell us the story behind your book, Scott.

When I was young my mother would buy me comic books to help me pass the time. I enjoyed the superhero comics and soon created my own that I pasted to the wall outside my classroom at school.

My superheroes were mostly similar to others I read about in the comics, but with different names. I did create a couple of characters that I think were fairly unique - Twister with legs that spun beneath him, lifting himself into the air. Another was Razor (which I renamed as Ray-zor in my book because I found another character with the same name). My Razor could shoot spikes from his hands. He was a bad guy in the comics I had created, but I changed him to a good guy (along with Blue Flame) because some of my good guys had names that were being used by major comics and I didn't want to take a chance at any conflict.

Unlike the character in my book, I didn't personally try any superhero stunts; I used my toy action figures for that. The good guys always won the fight, of course!

It was a long time later when I had a conversation with my son about all the various ideas I've had over the years. My son told me about an idea that he was planning. And he saw it through, creating a very impressive app for the phone called Paddle Ship. That got me thinking, what was holding me back?

After our conversation, I had a dream about the superheroes I had created coming to life. When I woke up, I decided to write a book about them. I felt my drawing skills were rather limited but I was able to bring them to life with words. After reading my first version of the book, my wife, my son and my brother all gave me feedback that led to changes and to the final version of my book.

It took three years, but I've finally published my novel, "Blast Force - Genesis". It's a book that I believe will appeal to a wide audience, from about twelve to twenty year olds. There is no sex in the book and only a limited amount of cuss words (no f-words or g-d for example). I wanted the story to remind me of the comics I read when I was young where the stories were more about the good guys fighting the bad guys.

When I started writing the first draft of my book, I basically wrote four short stories. I definitely plan on continuing the Blast Force story and hope to have the second book, “Blast Force – Vengeance” out by the end of the year.

I really enjoy writing and the stories keep coming to me. I'm constantly writing notes to myself about ideas for another storyline.

Thank you for talking to us today, Scott. A great cover, too. It promises lots of action!

You can find more about Scott and his novel Blast Force - Genesis at or search Amazon.

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