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Where Have All the Bookworms Gone?

I enjoyed Burton’s latest Sci Fi and Fantasy Con at the local library recently. It’s always a good day, especially when many of the stallholders and visitors are dressed up in their favourite character costumes for the occasion!

I love talking to other readers and writers. And I’m always impressed at the items produced on the craft stalls. How do they make such amazing things?

One thing I noticed, and I have done so over the past few years, is how many people tell me that they are not really interested in reading. It always makes me sad to hear that, as I am an avid reader myself.

Usually they follow up with an excuse – they don’t have time to read; they prefer to watch a film/animation; reading reminds them too much of school and having to read.

One woman with young children, told me that she struggled to find time to read so she listens to audiobooks as she drives or before she goes to sleep. She bemoaned the fact that her children weren’t keen readers at all. I can sympathise with her. We both agreed that trying to force reading upon a young person is counterproductive.

Do less people enjoy reading today with so many other options for entertainment and communication?

Wouldn’t it be a bleak world without books? For me, reading (and writing) fiction and fantasy is my escape from the real world that can be hard to deal with at times.

What do you think is the future of books and writing?

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