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'You don't have a backbone to stand on!'

Recently, I was having a friendly discussion with a friend of mine. His final comment, 'You don't have a backbone to stand on!' won the argument, as I couldn’t stop laughing.

This made me think back to all the comments that have made me smile over the years. Here are some of them:

‘She looked dreadful. She was dressed like a mutton of lamb!’

‘You know, those raised bits in the road to slow you down? Those laughing policemen.’

‘Life was very different when I was young. It was a completely different genderation.’

‘Her voice isn’t very good but she is good at lip singing.’

‘He really needs a good haircut. It’s all trillsy at the back.’

Here’s a selection from a friend whose first language isn’t English. (I know they have laughed at my mistakes when trying to communicate in another language, so they won’t take offence!)

‘How do you know when the meat is cooked throughly?’

‘I hate rollercoaster rides. They make my stomach go squeezy!’

When trying to describe plywood: ‘It’s a relaxable sort of wood.’

‘I’m afraid I don’t really like Elvis Presley’s music, I’m not a fan of Roll and Rock.’

The following two were from English books in a primary school.

Make a list of words ending with the suffix -ship

friendship, membership, abandonship…

...One beautiful summer’s day, the sky was blue and the sun was full of beam…

They certainly put a beam on my face! Do you have any of your own favourites?

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